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About us

Anne Grete Rostad (31)

Master degree  from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB), with specialisation within  tropical ecology and nature management.

Masterpaper: Coral recruitment success on a protected and fished reef off Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Works today as an advisor at the County Governor (agricultural department) in Nord-Trøndelag.

Interests: Travelling, diving, marinbiology and enthomology.


Håvard Nagell Bjordal (35)

Cand. agric in nature managment from the Norwegian University of Agriculture (NLH, today UMB), with spesialisation within freshwater fishlife- and wildlife. Has also one year with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) (further study) from Telemark University College.

Has earlier worked as a consultant in private sector and as an environmental leader in public sector. Is today employed as an environmental advisor at Lyse, an energy and comunication company in Stavanger, Norway.

Interests: Photographing, diving, skiing, travelling and outdoor life.


On our webpage you can find photos from both marine and terestric fauna, from Norway and abroad.



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